Agricultural Product Standards (APS) provides information on agricultural products under the authority or interested of Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA).


APS shows the hierarchy of products, commodities, classes, and subclasses for both Federal Grain Inspection (FGSI) and Packers and Stockyards Programs (P&SP).APS further supports FGIS by providing additional information on the factors, grades, and grade limits for those products under FGIS�s authority.


For help with APS, please select from the following options:


         APS Users Manual (PDF, approx. 2,412 kb)

Provides detailed information on how to navigate through APS.

You can view the user�s manual by clicking on the link above.


         APS Business Procedures (PDF, approx. 430 kb)

Provides detailed information on the business rules for adding and changing data in APS. You can view the procedures by clicking on the link above.


        Glossary(PDF, approx. 65 kb)

List of the data fields and their descriptions.You can view the glossary by linking on the link above.



Other Links:


         Inspection Handbooks

         Laws & Regulations (Includes the Agricultural Marketing Act, US Grain Standards Act, and Packers & Stockyards Act )



Download a copy of Adobe�s Acrobat Reader here.


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