Federal Grain Inspection Services Yearly Export Grain Totals

Starting with the Calendar Year 2014, the Export Grain Inspection file will no longer contain bushels or 1000 bushels.
This change is implemented on Feb 1, 2014 and is applied to the entire calendar year.

Effective April 1, 2019: FGIS will be correcting the standardized codes being used for Grain Class in all file updates. The full listing of Standardized names and codes is available within the Agricultural Products Standards (APS) system. The ONLY codes affected are as follows:

Current Code Name Level New Code Grain Class Subclass Change
DU Durum Wheat Class DUWH WHEAT DUWH New Class: DUWH
DU Durum Wheat SubClass WHEAT DUWH DU Class updated to: DUWH, Subclass changed: DU
ADU Amber Durum Wheat SubClass WHEAT DUWH ADU Class updated to: DUWH
HADU Hard Amber Durum Wheat SubClass WHEAT DUWH HADU Class updated to: DUWH
SWH Soft White Wheat Class SWW WHEAT SWW New Class: SWW
SWH Soft White Wheat SubClass WHEAT SWW SHW Class Updated to: SWW, Subclass unchanged: SWH
WWH Western White Wheat SubClass WHEAT SWW WWH Class Updated to: SWW
WHCB White Club Wheat SubClass WHEAT SWW WHCB Class updated to: SWW
BLY Barley Class BAR BARLEY BAR New Class: BAR
BLY Barley SubClass BARLEY BAR BLY Class updated to: BAR, Subclass unchanged: BLY
SRB Six-rowed Barley SubClass BARLEY BAR SRB Class updated to: BAR
TRB Two-rowed Barley SubClass BARLEY BAR TRB Class updated to: BAR
- Malting Barley Class MBLY BARLEY MBLY New Class: MBLY
SRMB Six-rowed Malting Barley SubClass BARLEY MBLY SRMB Class updated to: MBLY
TRMB Two-rowed Malting Barley SubClass BARLEY MBLY TRMB Class updated to: MBLY

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