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GIPSA ACC Hierarchy Report
Product - GC, Graded Commodities  [View]
Commodity - Buckwheat, BUCK  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Buckwheat Hulls, BUHL  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Confectionary Sunflower Seed, CSF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Crambe, CRAM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Hops, H  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Khorasan, KHOR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Millet, MILLET  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Mustard Seed, MS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Popcorn, PS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Rapeseed, RAPE  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Safflower Seed, SAF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Wheat, WHEAT  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Whole Buckwheat Groats, WBWG  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Wild Rice, WR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Product - GR, Grain  [View]
Commodity - Barley, BARLEY  [View]
Class - Barley, BAR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Barley, BLY  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Six-rowed Barley, SRB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Two-rowed Barley, TRB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Malting Barley, MBLY  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Six-rowed Malting Barley, SRMB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Two-rowed Malting Barley, TRMB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Canola, K  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Corn, C  [View]
Class - Mixed Corn, XC  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - White Corn, WHC  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Yellow Corn, YC  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Flaxseed, FLAX  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Mixed Grain, XGR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Not Standardized Grain, NSG  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Oats, O  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Rye, RYE  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Sorghum, SORG  [View]
Class - Mixed Sorghum, XS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Sorghum, S  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Tannin Sorghum, TANS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - White Sorghum, WHS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Soybeans, SB  [View]
Class - Mixed Soybeans, XSB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Yellow Soybeans, YSB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Sunflower Seed, SF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Triticale, TRIT  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Wheat, W  [View]
Class - Durum Wheat Class, DUWH  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Amber Durum Wheat, ADU  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Durum Wheat, DU  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Hard Amber Durum Wheat, HADU  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Hard Red Spring Wheat, HRS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Dark Northern Spring Wheat, DNS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Northern Spring Wheat, NS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Red Spring Wheat, RS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Hard Red Winter Wheat, HRW  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Hard White Wheat, HDWH  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Mixed Wheat, XWHT  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Soft Red Winter Wheat, SRW  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Soft White Wheat, SWW  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Soft White Wheat, SWH  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Western White Wheat, WWH  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - White Club Wheat, WHCB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Unclassed Wheat, UNCL  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Product - PCM, Processed Commodities  [View]
Commodity - 50/50 Blend Mustard Bran, 50MB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Alfalfa Meal, AM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - All Purpose Wheat Flour/ Bread Flour, WFBF  [View]
Class - All Purpose Flour, APF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Bread Flour, BF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Animal Feed, AF  [View]
Class - Alfalfa Feed, ALFD  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Bakery Feed, BACF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Beet Pulp Pellets, BTPP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Corn Gluten Feed, CGF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Corn Gluten Feed Pellets, CGFP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Corn Gluten Meal, CGM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Corn Hominy Feed, CHF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Corn Protein Concentrate, CPC  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Cottonseed Meal, CSM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Cottonseed Pellets, CTP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Distillers Dried Grains Pellets, DDGP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Feather Meal, FM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - High Fat Pellets, HFP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Malt Sprout Pellets, MSP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Mixed Feed Pellets, MFP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Poultry by-product meal, PBPM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Soybean Hull Meal, SHM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Soybean Hull Pellets, SBHP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Soybean Hulls, SBH  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Soybean Meal, SBM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - SoyPass, SPAS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Wheat Midd Pellets, WMP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Wheat Midds, WMID  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Whole Cotton Seed, WCS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Bakery Meal, BM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Bakery Mix, BMX  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Barley Flakes, BLYF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Bird Seed, BRDS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Black Bean Grits, BBG  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Borage, BORG  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Bulgur, BULG  [View]
Class - Bulgur, BUL  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Soy-Fortified Bulgur, SFB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Canola Meal, KM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Canola Meal Pellets, KMP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Caramel Malt Barley 120L, CMTB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Chickpea Powder, CKPP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Corn Cones, CCNS  [View]
Class - Degermed Yellow Corn Cones, DYCC  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Corn Flour, CF  [View]
Class - Controlled Viscosity Flour, CVF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Corn Flour, Whole Grain, CFWG  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Degermed Yellow Corn Flour, DYCF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Pregelatinized Corn Flour, PCF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Corn Germ, CGRM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Corn Germ Meal, CGMM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Corn Grits, CGR  [View]
Class - Degermed Yellow Corn Grits, DYCG  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Degermed Yellow Flaking Grits, DYFG  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Corn Products, CP  [View]
Class - Hominy, HMNY  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Corn Soy Blend Plus, CSBP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Corn Soy Whey Blend, CSWB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Corn-Soy Blend, CSB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Cornmeal, CM  [View]
Class - Corn Meal, Bolted (partial fat), CMB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Corn Meal, Bolted Enriched, CMBE  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Corn Meal, Bolted Self-rising, CMBS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Corn Meal, Bolted Unenriched, CMBU  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Corn Meal, Degermed (lower fat), CMD  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Corn Meal, Degermed Enriched, CMDE  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Corn Meal, Degermed Self-rising, CMDS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Corn Meal, Degermed Unenriched, CMDU  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Corn Meal, Regular (full fat), CMR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Corn Meal, Regular Enriched, CMRE  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Corn Meal, Regular Self-rising, CMRS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Corn Meal, Regular Unenriched, CMRU  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Corn Meal, Whole Grain, CMWG  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Degermed Yellow Corn Meal, DYCM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Soy Fortified Cornmeal, SFCM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Crimped Oats, CRPO  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Crushed Mustard Seed, CMS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Decorticated Lentils, DLEN  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Defatted Rice Bran, DRB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Defatted Soy Protein Flour, DSPF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Distillers Grains, DG  [View]
Class - Condensed Distillers Solubles, CDS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Distillers Dried Grains, DDG  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles, DDGS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Distillers Dried Solubles, DDS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Distillers Wet Grains, DWG  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Fiber Corn Bran, FCB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Flaxseed Flour, FSDF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Flaxseed Meal, FSDM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Grass Seed, GSD  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Green Pea Flour, GPF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Ground Corn, GRC  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Ground Mustard Seed, GDMS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Ground Soybeans, GS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Hemp Seeds, HPSD  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Instantized Rice, IR  [View]
Class - Instantized Brown Rice, IBR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Instantized Milled Rice, IMR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Macaroni, MAC  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Malted Barley, MDB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Malted Wheat, MDW  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Margarine, MARG  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Mustard Flour, MUFL  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Navy Bean Powder, NBP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Noodles, NDLE  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Oat Bran, OBRN  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Oat Flakes, OFLK  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Oat Flour, OFLR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Oat Groats, OATG  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Oat Hull Pellets, OHP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Pea Fiber, PFIB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Pea Protein, PPRO  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Pea Starch, PSTR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Peanut Meal, PNM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Pearled Barley, PRLB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Pepper Seed, PRSD  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Potato Flakes, PF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Processed Cereals, PC  [View]
Class - Corn Flakes, CFLK  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Farina, F  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Rolled Oats, RO  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Rice Bran, RB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Rice Flour, RFLR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Rice Hulls, RH  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Rye Flour, RYFL  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Soy Protein Concentrate, SPC  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Soy-Fortified Sorghum Grits, SFSG  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Soybean Flour, SBF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Soybean Powder, SBP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Soymilk, SM  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Spaghetti, SPAG  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Sunflower Hulls, SFH  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Sunflower Hulls Ground Pelleted, SFGP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Sunflower Meal Pellets, SFMP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Sunflower Seed Butter, SFSB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Sunfower Hulls Ground, SFHG  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Super Cereal Plus, SCPL  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Syrup, SRP  [View]
Class - Corn and Refiners Syrup, Blended, CFS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - High Fructose Corn Syrup, blended, HFCS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Invert and Sugar Syrup, Blended, ISS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Table Syrup, TS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Lite or Light Table Syrup, LTS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Subclass - Regular Calorie Table Syrup, RTS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Textured Vegetable Protein, TVP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Vegetable Oil Products, VP  [View]
Class - Salad Oil, SO  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Shortening, SHRTN  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Vegetable Oil, VO  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Wheat Bran, WBRN  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Wheat Soy Blend, WSB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Whole Grain Corn, WGC  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Whole Wheat Penne, WWP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Product - PULSE, Pulses  [View]
Commodity - Dry Peas Dockage-Free, PDF  [View]
Class - Miscellaneous Dry Peas, MDP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Mixed Dry Peas, XDP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Mottled Dry Peas, MTDP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Smooth Green Dry Peas, SGDP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Smooth Yellow Dry Peas, SYDP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Wrinkled Dry Peas, WRDP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Dry Peas Thresher-Run, PTR  [View]
Class - Miscellaneous Dry Peas, MDPT  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Mixed Dry Peas, XDPT  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Mottled Dry Peas, MTPT  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Smooth Green Dry Peas, SGPT  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Smooth Yellow Dry Peas, SYPT  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Wrinkled Dry Peas, WRPT  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Feed Peas, FDPS  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Lentils Dockage-Free, LDF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Lentils Thresher-Run, LTR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Not Standardized Commodity, NSC  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Split Peas, SPEA  [View]
Class - Green Split Peas, GSP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Miscellaneous Split Peas, MSSP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Yellow Split Peas, YSP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Whole Dry Beans, DB  [View]
Class - Baby Lima Beans, BLB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Black Beans, BLKB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Blackeye Beans, BEB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Chickpeas, CHKP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Cranberry Beans, CRAN  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Dark Red Kidney Beans, DRKB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Flat Small White Beans, FSWB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Garbanzo Beans, GB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Great Northern Beans, GNOR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Large Lima Beans, LLB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Light Red Kidney Beans, LRKB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Marrow Beans, MB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Miscellaneous Beans, MSCB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Miscellaneous Lima Beans, MLB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Mixed Beans, XB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Mung Beans, MUNG  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Pea Beans, PEAB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Pink Beans, PINK  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Pinto Beans, PINT  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Small Red Beans, SMRB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Small White Beans, SWB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - White Kidney Beans, WKB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Yelloweye Beans, YELB  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Product - RC, Rice  [View]
Commodity - Brown Rice for Processing, BR  [View]
Class - Brown Rice for Processing, BRP  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Long Grain Brown Rice for Processing, LGBR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Medium Grain Brown Rice for Processing, MGBR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Mixed Brown Rice for Processing, XBR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Short Grain Brown Rice for Processing, SGBR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Milled Rice, MR  [View]
Class - Brewers Milled Rice, BMR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Long Grain Milled Rice, LGMR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Medium Grain Milled Rice, MGMR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Milled Rice, MILR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Mixed Milled Rice, XMR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Screenings Milled Rice, SMR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Second Head Milled Rice, SHMR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Short Grain Milled Rice, SGMR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Not Standardized Rice, NSR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Commodity - Rough Rice, RUF  [View]
Class - Long Grain Rough Rice, LRUF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Medium Grain Rough Rice, MRUF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Mixed Rough Rice, XRUF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Rough Rice, RUFR  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]
Class - Short Grain Rough Rice, SRUF  [View]  [CAFs]  [Grades]